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Best gift for your parents and grandparents

The best gift anybody can give their parents or grandparents is having them close to their children or grandchildren. We have the opportunity to have them for longer with us now, for a continuous span of 2 years. It is a delight for both the parents and children to enjoy each other's company.

One of the most important things that is to be done is securing them with adequate health insurance. This gives them a complete peace of mind, thereby letting them enjoy their stay all the more. Did you know that it has been made compulsory by the Government, that they should have a minimum coverage of $100,000 from a Canadian insurance company? Medical expenses have reached sky height in Canada.

Additionally, when you work with Valid Insurance team, we become a part of your family as well. We stand by you through thick and thin. We have plans from different companies, which can be tailor made for you. For further information, just give us a call at 416-901-9695. You can also visit our website at www.visg.ca to get some additional information. You can also get a quote and apply online directly through our website.

Critical Illness

Critical illness may seem expensive, but it buys you a complete peace of mind. Critical illness insurance provides a lump-sum amount to the insured facing cancer, heart attack, stroke and whole bunch of other major illnesses. Critical illness benefit, unlike life insurance, is purely for you, where the amount is paid out to the insured directly.

Imagine waking up one fine morning, and realizing that you will not be able to go to work and bring in anymore income for the family. The condition is even worse if you are the sole bread winner for the family. And this is exactly where the critical illness insurance amount comes to the rescue. Critical illness insurance reduces your financial burden, helps you choose the kind of treatment you need, helps you stay close to your relatives and maintain your lifestyle as well.

You can never take a chance in such issues. Please do not wait till situation worsens. Call us right away at 416-901-9695! or click below link

Do you have your health insurance in place?

Health insurance is becoming very expensive in Canada. Your health and dental plan protects you from day to day health care expenses, such as prescription drugs, dental expenses, vision care, etc. Also, it covers your extended health care such as physiotherapist, accidental dental, chiropractor, etc. We can make all this easy and affordable for you. You can get it for as low as CAD150.00 for a family of 3 (2 adults + 1 child). For more information,


Travel Health Insurance/Super Visa Insurance

Are you planning to book a cruise trip for this winter? Then, here is a piece of information that might interest you! One of the recent study says, 66% of the travellers plan to buy travel health insurance for their winter cruise this year.

Your travel health insurance takes care of not just your medical emergencies but also your trip cancellation / interruption that might concern you on your cruise. In case of serious illness or injury, emergency air transportation could be arranged too.

Secure your cruise with travel insurance today! After all, you go on a cruise to have a complete peace of mind and relax! Not to worry about any little thing. Don't take a chance!

Get your travel insurance today! For more information, click below link or give us a call today at 416-901-9695.


Student Insurance Plans

Studying abroad is not an easy joke, for both the students and their parents. Each student puts in so much effort to find the best school and scope that lies beyond it. Similar efforts need to be put in when it comes to the medical insurance. Regular check-ups or emergency medical can end up being heavy on the pockets for a student.

You can be more at peace if you have the right insurance in place. You get upto $1million coverage for your emergency and non-emergency medical treatments. You will also be covered for routine health check-ups and accidental dental coverage. It provides coverage for all kinds of students, Canadians travelling abroad or out of province as well as international students studying in Canada.

So, why wait? Apply right away by clicking on the link

Long Weekend Wishes!

Long weekend is coming up. I am sure all of us are waiting for it. It is time to relax and have some fun. For many of us, it might be family and friends time, amidst our busy schedules. Whatever it may be, we wish you the best possible fun and frolic with your loved ones.

And for those friends who are travelling out of province/country this weekend, remember, it is always important to secure your travel with insurance. Get your peace of mind at a small cost and throw your worries behind. Enjoy your long awaited vacation to the fullest. Have the best time of your life!

To buy travel insurance, call us right away at (416) 901-9695 or click on the link below to easily apply online:


Out of Country / Province Travel

Summer is very short lived in Canada. We need to enjoy and relish every bit of sun we get. During this season, we enjoy travelling within and out of Canada. We visit other provinces to enjoy the nature's beauty, which is definitely a treat to the eyes, heart and soul.

When we go on such vacations, it is so important to have a complete peace of mind and relax. That is where your travel insurance comes into play. Buy your travel insurance for a very meagre amount and secure your vacation with complete fun and no worries.

To buy your travel insurance, call us right away at (416) 901-9695 or click on the link below:


Choice of Broker

If clients come to us only for the pricing, we do not have much to give them. But if the client is a person who believes there are much better things more valuable than money, such as service, expertise, experience, knowledge, etc., then he/she is already at the right place. We are so fortunate to serve them.

People who come to us, thinking only about the cost, certainly leave us for the same reason, as well. This is an unfortunate scenario, because they do not realise what they are missing!

Immigrants to Canada

Are any of your relatives or friends immigrating to Canada today?

Immigration can be a very tough and stressful process. One of the main concerns for new immigrants is the health insurance. They do not have health insurance for a span of three months, which makes it even harder for them. And as you would be knowing, if you have to get admitted in the hospital, just one night's stay can cost you about $8,000-$10,000. Just think about it!

The least that you can do for your near and dear ones, who are new immigrants, is help them have some peace of mind. Getting a health insurance plan with good coverage will do it for them. They can get it at a very affordable price too. Of course, nobody wants to lose their health in exchange for a good future.

We have plans from different companies, which can be tailor made for our clients. For further information, just give us a call at 416-901-9695. You can also get more information and apply online, by clicking on the link below


On what basis do you choose your insurance?

Do you choose your insurance based on the rate alone?

Honestly, if yes, you do not really save up so much, even when you get an inexpensive policy through any broker or agent! Let me explain!

The three most important things one should consider when purchasing any kind of insurance are, expertise, experience and professionalism of the broker or company. When we decide based on the rate, you never know what you are compromising on.

During unfortunate circumstances, you need your broker to be your first point of contact, giving you the best help and advice. If your advisor/ broker has no enough experience or expertise in the insurance field, you will have to approach a lawyer to get any advice. And as all of us know, we will end up paying more fees to the lawyer than your insurance premium.

Just think about it! Which one would you prefer? And, it is never too late. Just give us a call at (416) 901-9695 to discuss your insurance needs with us, or just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will be there with you, from then on.

Life Insurance and Lifestyle Maintenance

Life insurance provides financial stability to the family by replacing some or all of the income, after we are gone. As long as there is a steady supply of income, an individual's family and dependants are able to keep a self-professed lifestyle (education, health, housing, job and future that the parents aspire for their kids, and also along with other entertainment and lifestyle expenses).

In case of the unexpected death of the earning member, his or her family will be hard-pressed, trying to maintain the same standard of living. That could be done only through life insurance.

And this is exactly where the proceeds from insurance will prove extremely useful for the family members. They will be able to maintain their standard of living without making any sacrifices whatsoever.

Why buy life insurance?

We consider life insurance to be one of the most important types of insurance that should be purchased. The truth is that life is unpredictable and most of us would like our families to live comfortably after we are gone.

Life insurance could provide a range of benefits, should the worst happen to you. For example, it ensures that your mortgage is paid off and that your family is financially protected. It can even pay for child care costs and school or university fees for children.

It is never too early to buy lfie insurance and it is important for you to choose the right cover in order to make sure that your family is protected. Choosing the right type of life insurance can be tricky and here, at Valid Insurance, we can help you choose the best cover, that suits your needs.

Did you secure your family with ‘Supervisa’ insurance?

It is always delightful for parents and grandparents to see their children and grandchildren. And comfortably, in this country we are given an option of having our parents or grandparents over for a span to 2 years without having to exit the country.

It is always important to make sure that your family is secured in all means, especially when they are coming to see you. Securing their stay with travel insurance is so important. It covers for all their emergency medical necessities. This helps them and us, get some peace of mind. They will be able to relax and enjoy their stay with you at ease.

As you would be knowing, any medical treatment is too expensive, in Canada. In case of any unfortunate circumstances, if you have to get admitted in the hospital, just one night's stay can cost you about $8,000-$10,000. Why would anyone want to spend so much money in a hospital, when you can get yourself some insurance and complete peace of mind, for a much cheaper price? Moreover, for Super Visa insurance, a coverage of $100,000 from a Canadian Insurance Company has been made mandatory by the Canadian Government.

We have plans from different companies, which can be tailor made for you. For further information, just give us a call at 416-901-9695. You can also visit our website at www.visg.ca to get some additional information. You can also get a quote and apply online directly through our website.

Do you have the right broker/agent?

Many of us believe and trust our insurance broker so much based on the relationship than his knowledge and expertise, that we just blindly accept what they are saying and buy the policy which they recommend is good for us. This is very normal. Your insurance broker is supposed to be your trusted advisor. But your trust is supposed to be based on their knowledge, experience and expertise in the insurance field.

If you happen to find out, that the policy recommended by them, is not the apt one for you and your family, what do you do then? Would you be able to talk it out with your existing broker and move to another plan? Or move over to another broker, who has better expertise and knowledge? Would you be able to resort to his help? What will your priority be? Is it your relationship with the broker or his competence, proficiency and your financial and family needs?

It is very important to be clear about your priorities in life. When the misfortune happens, to any of us, it is not our friendship with our insurance broker that is going to support us or our family, but instead, it is the insurance money. So, choose wisely! Friendship is essential for any human existence. But having a correct insurance in place, is more important. When it comes to your trusted advisor, first comes their expertise and knowledge in the field and then comes the relationship.

You can always call Valid Insurance Services if you are looking for trusted advisors. We are always happy to help and be of service to you! The number that you can reach us is 416-901-9695 or just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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